What is the Salty Marie?

The Salty Marie is Sault Ste. Marie's way of celebrating all things trail!

Mountain biking and trail running races, kids events, vendors, bike demos, food and drink...what more could you want?

Proceeds from the Trails Fest go to organizations that make it possible to safely ride the trails at Hiawatha:

The Kinsmen Club of Sault Ste. Marie, The Sault Cycling Club and Sault Ste. Marie Search and Rescue.

Why is it called "The Salty Marie?"

Sault folks know that it is pronounced "Soo Saint Marie" but it never fails that wherever we go we hear "Salt Saint Marie" so we decided to embrace it!

We also believe the trails here are magic - we even have a trail called The Magic Forest - and can help with a salty attitude.

Welcome to the Salty Marie!

Feeling salty? Hit the Trails!